Fountainhead by Scott Dickens

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Fountainhead represents an attempt to elevate and appreciate one auditory element of a “dead space”. This corridor (or dead space) through which I walk on a daily basis offers little in the way of distraction. The walls are high, the lighting low, and not much more can be heard beyond the sound of my own footsteps. But every so often the sound of clicking metal, flowing water, and slurping emanate from a drinking fountain at the end of the corridor, and enlivens the space with a music that can only be appreciated in such a vanilla setting.

The piece consists of four sculptures suspended above the fountains, and each sculpture is in the form of a cave structure. This represents a vein of research wherein the cave functions as a metaphor for memory and perception. Concealed within one of the four sculptures is a poem of reflection and appreciation for the sounds offered by the fountain.

Fountainhead is intended to facilitate an intimate experience in which each passerby opens the sculpture and read its contents. Upon reading the poem, the passerby is thus afforded the opportunity to join in my appreciation for the musical element within the hallway, reflect on the elements of the space that gives them their own joy, or decide that they find no joy in the space and leave after returning the sculpture to its original state for the next passerby.

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