Leo Selvaggio is an interdisciplinary artist loacted in Chicago IL. His work revolves around themes of the body, gender and identity. Most recently he has been interested the construction of social identity and through the use of new communication technologies and such as Facebook, twitter, and second life in which identity is a highly curated process. His work YOUAREME.NET examines how he can extend and multiply his identity by providing himself as material for others to create his social identity. Using open source methodology, he invites participants to “Be Him” by signing into his facebook, and twitter accounts, writting his biography online, or using and manipulating his image. His work at the Fountain Foundation, DRINK ME FOUNTAIN, was the first to launch this alternative space.  The work consists of four beauty mirrors each with a transparent overlay image of Selvaggio drinking from the fountain. This work considers the juxtaposition and interaction of his image with the water fountain patron’s reflection.

Each time your face and mine meet, a sort of hybrid is created. How does the shape, color, and qualities of my face change when yours sits on top of it and vise versa. What does this kind of hybridization say about the stability of identity and the icon? Go Ahead, slurp it up, and see what its like to be me taking a swig of some good old H2O.

DRINK ME FOUNTAIN had an interactive component that lived online at Selvaggio’s website for the project, YOUAREME.Net,  where participants could leave comments about how they reacted to the work, could download his image, manipulate it, and resubmit it to be installed in one the mirrors, or digitally merge his face with there’s using an online program.

Visit Project Site, www.YouAreMe.net  

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